Painting on cars

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If you would like to earn money with your artwork, pay close attention to the video on painting cars. In this video I paint some metal with Createx Auto Air paint using the same techniques that you have learned on this site.

All you need to transfer your painting skills to painting cars is to change the paint you use to one that works for that purpose.  Regular acrylic paint is not as UV resistant over time as dedicated car paint.  You can buy the basic colors fairly cheaply and mix them to create all kinds of shades.  You would need yellow, red, blue, white and black.

Make sure you use paint that is intended for painting on cars as other paint will either fade or buckle.  If you use spray paint to do this, use Duplicolor purchased from an auto body shop .  Another option is to simply purchase enamel car paint and use that with an airbrush meant for that purpose. Either way, you can use the techniques on the site.

I recommend the Createx Auto Air paint as it has no dangerous solvents in it and comes out really well.  Future seems to work fine for painting cars! So you can use it to create all kinds of effects that airbrush artists don't know about!

Auto Air colors should probably not be thinned with Windex but with the product sold for that purpose. I buy from

(I make no money recommending them)

If you would like to know about how to prepare the car, how to protect it from over-spray, how to gloss it, how to paint it a solid color and other things about car painting, you can purchase this set of videos which will give you all the details in 2 hours. (not my videos, but from a professional car painter)

How to paint cars video set.

It's the best and cheapest explanation of this stuff I could find online.  The video isn't the highest quality, but the information is solid and clearly and simply presented and it's pretty cheap.  So if you want to become an expert in the whole car painting thing, this is a great way to go.

If you're wondering why I didn't paint an actual car for this video, well, at the moment I just have too much going on.  I'm in the middle of moving to Costa Rica, but I really wanted to get this info out to you because so many of you want to make some money!  I'll make a video with an actual car once I get settled in.

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