Spray Paint Art Lessons: Can Anybody Really Learn to be an Artist?‏

I get asked this question all the time, “Can anybody really learn to be an artist?”

Folks often add “I can’t even draw a stick figure” (or straight line)

know from experience that the right approach can bring out the creative spark in almost anybody!

I think the real question is not whether you CAN.

(After all, do you really need somebody’s permission to do what you really want?)

OK, OK …If you do, then here you go!

artistic licence from  spraypaintartsecrets

The real question is, have you given yourself permission yet?

While you think about that…..

Did you know that learning to be an artist has many many benefits besides just being able to create striking and beautiful images?

Benefits for BOTH children and adults.

Doing visual art lets people “connect….. more deeply to the world and opens them to new ways of seeing,” (report by the Rand Corporation)

It lets us “see new patterns, how to learn from mistakes, and how to envision solutions – are the ones likely to come up with the novel answers needed most for the future . “–Boston Globe

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My personal experience with the novel techniques of spray paint art is that it is a way of painting that is fascinating and fun for many people.

When I paint in the street, often someone hangs around to ask me about learning to paint this way.

Often that person has never been interested in art before seeing spray paint art. But now they are absolutely fascinated!

They suddenly develop a passion for art just by watching me paint! I feel blessed to be able to awaken this in people and to help them fulfill their dreams.

Now we have made it easy to become the artist of your dreams: https://members.spraypaintartsecrets.com/spray-paint-lessons-3/

One member has written me about how doing spray paint art with his son has been an incredibly bonding experience. His son is 11. I get many such emails.

Thank you, THANK YOU! ! Here is a picture of my very first attempt at a space painting. (Obviously copying your video) And a copy of my son’s first attempt at copying me. (Afterwards, i showed him a better way to do sunbeams) i helped him a little on the planet shading but it was 99% him. The third picture my son and i did together (80% him / 20% me) he saw your video on galaxies and was INSISTENT on doing one himself. I thought it may be a little to advanced for him to try so soon (maybe a little advanced for me too) but i was happy how well it turned out for our first try. The solar system is one of my son’s later space paintings and the lake is one of my more recent paintings. I am so grateful that you and Gerardo made this available. Thank you!   Please feel free to use me as a testimonial if you like and use the pictures if you want to show others what average-joe newbies can do with the help of your teaching. I have no special art background or training. I used to love art back in high school but i haven’t done anything since then. I,m just an out-of-work tire salesman right now. My son and i just have a love of art and a love of hangin’ out doing anything together. This makes awesome bonding time. –Martel












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 I feel so blessed to be able to bring these groundbreaking techniques to the world, together with Gerardo Amor, one of the originators of spray paint art. I thank you for letting me be your guide and teacher into the world of spray paint art and speed painting techniques.

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 Alisa Amor