Spray Paint Art Lessons- Spray Paint a Magic Forest

We all want to be able to imagine something and just paint it but there are very few who are born with this talent naturally.


Most of us have to practice a lot to get to that level but there are so many methods and techniques how do we know where to start!


The problem is that if you don’t practice the right techniques it is possible to get stuck doing the same old same old and never really learning how to improvise new things that you haven’t painted before.


I have seen many painters who are stuck in a rut by painting only a few types of scenes over and over again.


So where do we begin to make sure that you practice techniques that will help you improvise anything you can imagine?

A magic forest is a great place to start because you can be really abstract and fluid as you improvise all the trees, sunlight, fairies etc….


The reason it is so helpful is because, quite simply, it can really help to loosen up your style.


Once you’ve gotten nice and loose with your newspaper, spatula, and painters foam, you can begin to

use these same techniques to improvise many many things, alien planets, forest streams, distant mountains etc…

Later you can take it even farther and use it to create pictures of people and basically anything you can dream up!

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