Spray Paint Art Lessons- What’s the Best Spray Paint For Painting on a Car?‏

If you have ever wanted to do some cool spray paint art on a car, or motorcycle, then you need to know about which spray paints will work the best before you begin! Basically, if you want it to look so so, you can use anything…it might eventually flake off though. Another potential problem is that it could bubble and get messed up when you take it to the autobody shop to apply some gloss coat to it. This happens if the paint you used does not combine well with the gloss coat they use.

Check out this video to see me experimenting with different paints for spray painting a car.

I’ll tell you the results so that you can go right out and try it today. Duplicolor brand was the only brand that did not react with the autobody clear gloss paint. Otherwise, all the brands did a nice job.

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