Spray Paint Art Secrets Student Gets Famous!

Hola Amigo,


First of all, if you haven’t seen this months previews, you can still check them out here!

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Here’s a special treat for those who purchased the Airbrush Painting Secrets setup videos. Most of the time you can’t get to the discount Gold membership from the Airbrush area, but I’ve made it available by special request for a few days. Upgrade to Gold at a discount here if you have the airbrush setup videos: (Make sure you are logged in first)


Give me advice please!

A question for you. I would like to design some Spray Paint Art t-shirts. What would your perfect t-shirt look like? I’m thinking just a gorgeous picture and “I love Spray Paint Art”. Would that be fun? Would you want to wear that? Give me some advice please. What would you like your Spray Paint Art t-shirt to look like? I really appreciate your feedback. <3


Here are just a few of the letters I’ve gotten recently. Darbi, one of my amazing students was featured in a magazine! This is what happens when you get out there with your art! Check it out here:

You are the most amazing artist and I really appreciate your work. As well as Gerardo’s .  You two made a beautiful couple but u make nice friends as well.  I’m so glad to see you evolve in your website and I’m proud of you for really working hard at it. It’s great to watch someone become successful . I have learned so much from u and your website. It was the best 100.00 I’ve ever spent when I signed up for the gold membership !! You have been through a lot with me and gotten me through some difficult times. I lack confidence sometimes I get that from you . So thank you. And one more thing sometimes when I’m really stressed out I watch a video of yours , the music and the calming voice makes me feel so much better! I don’t even have to be painting. -Darbi

Check out the article about Darbi! Click here to see more.

Good morning Alisa

Your work just blows me away.

So far the lessons have been stupendous.You're the best.....

thanks again Alisa.    Ron {a new fan}

Few days ago I purchased the Airbrushing program, and my 7 years old daughter and I have been watching the videos completely fascinated!...What is the procedure for upgrading from Airbrushing to Gold package - I think we are ready? Thank you again for the amazing program, and for your help! Dessy Petrov

Thanks to your videos I've perfected my art, thanks to you and your husbands skills. I appreciate y'all and hopefully I qualify for the job, I'm in Houston Texas -Suriel

Hello Alisa,
My name is Bobby Anderson and I love your artwork ! It is incredible !-Thanks, Bobby


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