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This week I thought you might be interested in what other spray paint art secrets fans and members are up to. To get the lessons that will change the way you spray paint forever, just go to and sign up as a basic or Gold member now!

Just FYI, there is some amazing new information posted in the materials list about some delicious new WATER BASED non-toxic spray paints. I have tested them and they are wonderful. Learn more.

I want to apologize to those who have signed up for the free airbrush video and got a bad link. I recently did major renovation on the website to make all pages completely mobile compatible, and the video got moved without my realizing it. If you missed out on the free video, or you just want another free airbrush video, please check it out here.

Here is what people are saying….

Hi Alisa,

I wanted to tell you that I truly enjoy your videos and have downloaded all of them to date.  You have been a wonderful teacher, and I’ve shown remarkable improvement through your techniques.  I literally can’t draw a stick man but I can now paint an underwater forest.  I amaze myself and get sooooo many compliments on my artistic ability!  It’s a great hobby and I love the strange looks I get when I buy a basket of paint at Wal-mart and my husband tells people I like to tag underpasses….we run with the  way over 50 crowd and he assures me it only adds to my street creds. … Thank you for inspiring me. -Cassie

Tylor shared his first galaxy video that he learned from becoming a member of

tylor short's first galaxy 1
Loved the wave theory video,and especially the longer ones, where more time is taken to thoroughly explain technique… are an exceptional artist, and I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to receive lessons from you in any form.thanks for doing what your doing sister.-Jeff

I am interested in spray paint art just because I find it relaxing.  In fact what I really like is when you make a mistake how you can let the mistake lead you to even a better design.  I don’t do that part well compared to someone like you, but I love trying…..I am a CPA and 45, and this hobby just takes me away from work, love it all.-Glen

Eshade shares his amazing van painting.

spray paint art van


I am and have always been a fan of your work, I am attaching some photos of my work, I used to paint when I was in my teens and twenties but I had gotten married and had kids and I stopped painting. I wish I had not stopped painting cause it was a part of me that i greatly missed. Now at the age of 43 I have picked it back up again and I have started painting. It has only been a year and a half since I started painting again and I wanted to show you my work.  I haven’t painted in over 27 years and thanks to you I saw you on YouTube and it motivated me to start again.  Thank you for what you have done by inspiring me to start painting again, I am again finally happy and will never stop painting. Thank you :)– attention2detailz

Hi Alisa,
I really loved this beach scene you did in April and hope you do more in the future. I did it first on poster board and then liked it so much I did it on canvas 24 x 30. Everyone who see’s it says that’s where they want to be.Thank you for all your wisdom, you’re the best.-Ralph

ralph's spray paint art secrets painting

Ralph B Davis


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about other members.


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