How to paint cars and other stuff April 2013

What do you already know that could make you lots of money?

There is something that you know how to do that could make you lots of money, but you don’t know you know!

What could it be?

If you know how to use these spray paint art techniques, you already know everything you need to know to paint a car!

This month I tell you how to take the techniques that you have learned and choose the correct paints to be able to paint on metal. I talk about what kind of paints will work on a car and I demo it on metal and show you how it looks after being clearcoated by an autobody shop.

Actually there’s nothing to it!

If you wish to learn how to prepare the car for painting and how to clearcoat it, check this out.

Learn everything about painting cars

(If you purchase the above product, write me an email to let me know that you have purchased it from here, and I will send you a link to a page with 15 spray paint art and acrylic spray paint art videos to download. These videos are about painting cars with spray paint and airbrush techniques and everything you need to set up your painting studio.)

Painting on cars is GREAT money and this is a very simple and inexpensive way to learn everything you need. Once you have this info, you can go to autobody shops and offer your services and they will usually welcome you with open arms and lots of ideas because great car painters are rare!

Also this month, a great beginner painting, the autumn stream, simple and elegant and the perfect introduction to professional looking landscape art with spray paint art techniques.

This is perfect for you if you are looking for quick and easy landscape painting techniques.

Check it out here…

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I also show you how to combine acrylic and spray paint effects and to add detail and perfect your paintings. I also show you how to gloss them using something you find in the grocery store which works better than anything you can find in an art store!

Check it out here

We finish up with a cool technique that you won’t find anywhere else that is perfect for making trees, octopi , squids or spaghetti monsters. In other words things with roots or tentacles. Great for making abstract paintings also.

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