This Technique Will Change Your Spray Paint Art Forever

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Just a quick email to let you know that 9 days from now your spray paint art will be TRANSFORMED forever.

Starting on April 1, I’ll be teaching the super secret techniques of painting people, animals, and ANYTHING else with spray paint. These are techniques that many of the original spray painters of Mexico DO NOT want you to learn! I had to convince them that it would all work out for the best.

So far I have been waiting to teach this stuff to you because it has been too cold outside to film a decent lesson…but here in NY the weather is suddenly warm! So I’ve been filming some way cool stuff for all of you.

If you sign up in April as a Basic or Gold member, you will get this game changing content and begin learning the essential basic techniques of painting portraits which you can then use to paint anything you want. These techniques also work really well for artists looking for a quick way to do under painting for work with acrylics or oils. I also reveal a new gallery friendly paper to paint on…so those of you who only paint on poster board can improve the look and presentation of your work with just one small change and begin to sell your work in art galleries.

All that plus an amazing video by Gerardo Amor showing you how to paint a unique complex galaxy with planets in front of it.

Check out this video to see a sneak peak of April’s content.

Sign up NOW and you will be sure to receive this content on April 1.

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