How to spray paint galaxies!

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Many of you have been following along lately as I’ve introduced the new airbrush techniques and posted some new spray paint art techniques. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful questions, love and support that you have given me along the way! Thanks!

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It’s going really well actually, no one is more impressed with me than me that I’m actually getting pretty good now. My garage is my gallery, I even have them tacked to the ceiling as I’m running out of wall space and my husband shows off the garage to anyone who comes by. I’m giving them away as gifts and get a lot of compliments. I’ve no interest in selling them but have fun just painting. I look forward to your new paintings each month.–Cassie

Hi my name is michael im 30 years old and live in western Australia I recently upgraded to your gold membership and must say the information in your videos is invaluable. I have not had an easy time of late and found the perfect outlet in painting I have always been artistic but struggle to draw a stickman 🙂 I really just wanted to say thanks and will gladly recommend your site. Anyway thank you for your wonderful site and I look forward to learning more about this amazing art form.

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Muchas gracias por compartir tu arte.–Miguel Vargas

(Thanks so much for sharing your art)


Many of you have written me saying please please please post more videos about how to spray paint galaxies. I hear you loud and clear! I’ve even posted one of May’s videos early because so many people are desperate to get started.

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