How to spray paint the “tap technique” with acrylic and/or spray paints!

I’ve gotten lots of requests from people wanting to learn the “Tap technique”  and I have heard you and created some videos this month to show you how it’s done!

What’s the Tap technique?  That is when you use something to tap on your painting and create trees and bushes very quickly. Maybe more quickly than Bob Ross can do it!

Most people do not know what kinds of things you can use to do the tap technique.  There are many options including (but not limited to) a dish scrubber, sweat sock, plastic bag etc…

This month I have created 2 videos, one that does the tap technique with acrylic paints, and one that does it with spray paint to show you step by step how to do that!

Also this month 2 very cool galaxy paintings! One in acrylic and one in spray paint.

Check it out!

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