Make Holiday Presents With Spray Paint Art

Hola Amigos,

I believe that it feels great to give and receive home made gifts.

It’s unfortunate that these days the holidays have become associated with stressful trips to the stores and commercialism.

We have lost what it feels like to put our own energy and love into making something special for our loved ones.

Do something different this year. Make some of your gifts.

Maybe it will feel right to only make “stocking stuffers” and small gifts. Or maybe you will want to hand make the cards or the ornaments. Or perhaps you are confident in your abilities and want to make a piece of art for a friend or loved ones wall.

Whatever feels right for you, Spray Paint Art Secrets Videos are here to help you!

This month we have posted several holiday themed paintings that will inspire and guide you. You will be able to make the perfect presents and decorations with our step by step tutorials.

What will you paint first?

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Alisa Amor