November 2013 Spray Paint Art Secrets

The Lost Sadot Techniques? (mermaid section of video)

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We are revealing the most exclusive cutting edge techniques invented by myself (Alisa Amor) Gerardo Amor and Paloma Coronado, all based on Sadot’s original lost techniques.

Why are these techniques “lost” ?

Many of you might not know this but Spray Paint Art did NOT start out with planets at all! Sadot painted abstracts and pictures of people and faces most of all.  He was a skilled portrait artist and he used these skills and also paint brushes in his work.  Yes, he used brushes!!!

The planets came later, from the folks that learned from Sadot…they were not his main thing.

Sadot’s original techniques were based on spraying colors onto blank paper, carving it up with a spatula, then spraying colors on top and pressing it with a blank sheet of paper.  Then he would carve and brush it into a picture of whatever he saw in the colors.

Gerardo taught me these techniques and we taught them to Paloma and together we have found all kinds of cool stuff to do with them.  Check out the amazing things you will learn this month here!

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