Spray Paint Art Lesson: 4 Super Sunset Technqiues

Hola Amigo,

I’ve got an inspirational surprise for you and your artwork.


You’re about to discover 4 new highly-useful painting techniques that you can ENJOY with your spray painting TODAY…..

….and create beautiful sunset skies that jump off the page…with every spray of the can.


Well… because I just posted another video to my Spray Paint Blog and Youtube channel called

4 Super Sunset Techniques

And YOU can watch it FOR FREE today!

Why am I giving it to you for free?

Well… it’s just my way of saying:


While you watch it, think about how many ways you can apply these techniques to other things like galaxies, landscapes, whatever you are longing to learn to spray paint.

And it’s so easy to do!

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Alisa Amor

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