Spray Paint Art Lessons- Are You A Spray Paint Insider Quiz

Take this quiz to discover whether you are an insider, who knows all the spray paint tricks, or whether there’s cool stuff you could add to your style. (Hint: The best artists never stop learning!)

You can make planets with

A ) newspaper

B ) poster board

C ) painters foam

D ) plastic bags

E ) all of the above and more

You can paint on

A ) white posterboard

B ) green posterboard

C ) wood composites prepared with gesso

D ) glass

E ) cars

F ) all of the above

Some cool tools that you can find around the house are

A ) an old CD

B ) aluminum foil

C ) a water spray bottle

D ) mineral oil

E ) a pen with the ink removed

F ) all of the above

If you answered “all of the above” to everything, you are probably having lots of fun with spray paint and I would call you an insider. If there are some things you haven’t heard of, you can have some fun learning about new techniques.

Check out this video for some inspiration.

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