Spray Paint Art Lessons-Spray Paint A Grateful Dead Skull

Hola Amigos,

OMG…I just filmed an awesome video for you guys. You’ll probably notice it’s a bit…”unconventional” But that’s a GOOD thing.

New, powerful lessons often look a little weird at first….

And this one is no different!

That’s because it reveals a few Jedi-style techniques that are going to give you an edge over all the other painters out there.

I’ll explain that bit more in a second…

Or you can just watch the demo here…

At the beginning, I guarantee you’ll be thinking “WTF???”

But then..

It will all come together and you will see how we are beginning to get into some pretty advanced street painting magic.

This is the start of the NEXT next level…

The normal speed video plus step by step instructions is available for members of Spray Paint Art Secrets in April (for Basic members) and always and anytime (for Gold members)

Also starting this April we will be getting deep into techniques that let you paint ANYTHING with spray paint. The first thing I’m going to teach you is how to paint peoples faces. I’ll be posting these videos in the membership area of Spray Paint Art Secrets on April 1, so sign up NOW through the end of April as a Basic member to have access to watch it and download it!

Also in April an awesome video by Gerardo Amor that shows how to paint a complex galaxy scene with planets in a way you have never seen before.

Check out a sneak peak of April 2012 content here….

See you on the other side!