Spray Paint Art Lessons-Valentines Day Heart

Hola amigos,

I am currently amazingly busy recording several music CD projects and video taping more speed painting lessons for you while I am writing this email to you.

I was in such a big rush all day that I did not get a chance to post this video in lots of time for Valentines day.

But thanks to the awesome power of the internet I can still get stuff done while waiting around for my videos to process, otherwise the wait would be pretty boring…

I had an amazing response from the last video that I posted on the Spray Paint Art Secrets blog and youtube channel about how to spray paint peoples faces and many people joined our membership to take their spray paint art to the next level and learn from all the lessons we have available.

How to spray paint people video

So a big thank you for those who did!


I am currently revamping this site and adding more features and content.


Here are some of the changes (also explained in this video)

Basic members will now have access to the lessons of the current month for the first 3 modules in addition to the first 3 basic modules. After you finish the first 3 basic modules, you will have access to the current month plus last months content. So basically, you will be getting more videos at all times and always have access to the current months content. Sorry that’s so complicated!


Right now, if you sign up as a Gold member, you will always and forever have access to every single video that we have ever posted. In 2 months (beginning of May) I will be shifting the Gold membership to be a yearly subscription.

So I urge you to join now, if you want to have a forever subscription.


You can find out how here:




See you on the other side.


Hasta pronto,


Alisa Amor


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