Spray Paint Art Preview May 2012

If you want to learn to paint with spray paint, you need to have lots of good techniques under your belt. Without knowing many different tools and approaches it would be very difficult to paint new things, things you imagine, and unique requests from people who want to buy your art. You will have to spend lots of time figuring basic things out instead of having some tools and techniques to work with and begin painting and experimenting right away.

That’s what this months content is all about. Teaching you a wide variety of approaches to painting absolutely anything!

You spoke the words and I heard you! Many of you requested a video about making waves with spray paint, others wanted to be able to create galaxies and nebulae and others were curious about advanced spatula techniques others wanted to know about how to make great dolphins quickly. That’s what May 2012 is all about.

Check out the preview below.

I just want to remind everybody that after June 1 the Gold membership becomes a 1 year membership. So if you have been on the fence about buying it, now is the time. If you buy it now you never need to renew.

See you inside!