The experience of a lifetime, cheaper than a regular vacation

Hola Amigos,

I’m so glad that you have chosen this journey of learning spray paint art with myself and Gerardo Amor as your teachers!

Have you ever wanted to have an amazing, unforgettable, colorful adventure?

A time in your life when you felt connected to something powerful where you learned something that helped you for the rest of your days?

A time when you realized your dreams in a place that looks and feels like paradise?

How about if it were cheaper than going on a regular vacation?

Well, I have something amazing to offer the folks on this mailing list.

You will only hear about this here on this list so pay attention!

Gerardo Amor lives in a small Mexican town on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta called “Las Juntas y Los Veranos”

This is a tiny town about a half an hour from the city where everything happens slowly and tourists zip line above crystal rivers, waterfalls and lush jungle all day long.

I have a house that I rent in that town. The rent for tourists is usually $600 per week. But don’t worry. For those who come seeking painting lessons from Gerardo Amor, I rent for half price!

The house is a beautiful 3 bedroom palace on a sandy river beach. There is a huge turqouise waterfall pool that you can swim in every day. The restauraunt, right in front of it, across the wooden river bridge, has waterslides and a tiny zoo!

You have to see it to believe it. Check it out here:

This used to by my house when I lived in Mexico. It’s full of amazing stories, murals I painted, and has such a relaxing feeling to it.

And you (and your family) can stay there for half price if you also purchase painting lessons directly from Gerardo.

He charges only $250 per week!!! For 5, 2 hour lessons on any topic that you desire to learn.

Puerto Vallarta is always nearby if you want to party or do tourist things, but you probably won’t want to leave once you see how beautiful it is and how many things to do there are. (Ride horses, hike, swim, sunbathe, restaurants, tequila factory tour, other local tours etc)

Plus, you will want to spend time practicing and painting with your new skills!

Most vacation rentals of this quality are at least $600 a week and you would be getting the house plus the unique experience of meeting Gerardo Amor and learning directly from the source of spray paint art techniques himself! For less than the cost of a regular rental!

You can’t beat that.

So if you would like to go to Mexico and have an unforgettable, inexpensive learning experience of a lifetime, be adventurous, write me at [email protected] to set it up.

Keep this in mind next time you are planning a trip or vacation…..

Looking forward to hearing from you and introducing you personally to Gerardo Amor!

Hasta Pronto,

–Alisa Amor